Welcome to TRISMS Maryland!

I am creating this site so I can share what I know about TRISMS and why I use it. I have been using TRISMS for 10 years now. I first saw a small ad in a homeschool magazine and ordered at that time what was Volume I for my oldest child. I have 7 children and so far, 4 have used some TRISMS. I have wandered away, gotten distracted, and had real kids to deal with, but I am more determined than ever to get the most out of this homeschool mom's curriculum.

The primary things I like about TRISMS: Chronological, some structure but not too much, incorporates several subjects, and relies on real books. I tried Unit Studies and they didn't give me enough structure, I've looked at all in one currculums and the detailed scheduling made my eyes glaze over. Other history books jump around too much in time- I like to go in order. Yet others clearly had a bias in their text.. Since this isn't much of a text, there's nowhere to put the bias. It's engaged learning. All the information must be researched , looked up or found. The student must actively seek these answers. I think they retain a lot more that way. There are 5 volumes total, but for now, I am only going to describe the three I've actually used or used recently. Click on the buttons to find out more about the first three volumes.

Time Related Intergrated Studies for Mastering Skills